Sunday, 13 March 2011

2011 Belfast Film Festival

It is that time of year again.


Funded primarily by the Belfast City Council and Northern Ireland Screen, the Belfast Film Festival will showcase a series of local and international productions, with many cultural events planned throughout the festival's duration (31st March until 14th April). The main venues for these events will be the Queen's Film Theatre (QFT), The Black Box, Movie House Dublin Road, British Broadcasting House and the Belfast Waterfront, with various smaller cinemas offering viewings for more marginal tastes.

In recent years, the festival has been of increasing interest to me and this year I have quite a few events that I plan to include. They include:


Killing Bono - 31st March, Movie House Dublin Road, 7pm.


"A rock n’ roll comedy about two Irish brothers struggling to forge their path through the 1980’s music scene... whilst the meteoric rise to fame of their old school pals U2 only serves to cast them deeper into the shadows." 

This film will be one of several opening the festival. The trailer looks very promising and the film is also the final performance by Pete Postlethwaite, who passed away in January. More information:


The Shore - 1st April, QFT, 7pm.



"After 25 years in exile Jim Mahon brings his American daughter, Patricia, for her first visit to his hometown, Belfast. At a Welcome Home party for Jim at the local pub, Jim’s brother shows Patricia an old photo of Jim and Paddy Grogan, once Jim’s best friend, but long estranged. Patricia convinces Jim to search out his best friend Paddy. But Paddy doesn’t live alone - there’s Mary as well. Mary was engaged to Jim when he fled Belfast’s Troubles for San Francisco a quarter of a century before. Now she’s married to Paddy. Jim hasn’t been in touch with either of them... and racked by guilt and uneasy about the sort of welcome he might receive - possibly no welcome at all - he doesn’t want to go through with the visit. But Patricia insists “These are people you loved. You have to make your peace with them.” The reunion quickly goes awry with tears and old misunderstandings exposed - and plenty of laughter as well."

This film will be introduced by director and Oscar nominee Terry George, who wrote the screenplays for Hotel Rwanda and In The Name Of The Father. More information:


Buffy Night in The Black 'Bronze' Box - 4th April, The Black Box, 8pm.


 "BFF celebrate one of the greatest ever TV shows with an evening of all things Buffy as we turn the Black Box into ‘The Bronze’ for one night only. Feel free to dress up as a vampire, an Evil bunny, the Buffybot or even Clem and join us."

This is a must for any fan of the cult series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Black Box is a fantastic venue and with the promise of screenings and sing-alongs, this event promises to entertain everyone in attendance. More information:


Peter Mullan Masterclass - 6th April, QFT, 7pm.


"Belfast Film Festival is delighted to welcome the highly driven and original actor, director, writer and producer, who will offer an insight into his intriguing career during this masterclass."

More information:


The Messenger - 13th April, QFT, 7.15pm.


"Nominated for two Academy Awards, this moving drama follows two men who deliver the news of fallen soldiers to next-of-kin, testing their friendship and self-belief."

Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster lead the cast in this critically-acclaimed drama. Definitely has the promise to be one of the stand-out showings of the festival. More information:



The full list of festival events can be found at

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  1. Thanks for listing some of the films that are going to be shown in the Belfast Film Festival.